Reservoir characterisation and conceptual models

In GEMex we aim to accurately and quantitatively model reservoir architecture, connectivity and flow properties such as permeability, thermal conductivity, porosity, fluid saturation, etc., for the EGS reservoir in Acoculco and the SHGS reservoir in Los Humeros. These reservoirs will be characterized with respect to rock and fluid properties and their variation with temperature and pressure.

Petrophysical and geomechanical properties of the rocks will be tested by performing numerous laboratory experiments at ambient as well as simulated in situ p/T conditions on the outcrop analogues and reservoir rock samples. Understanding rock and fluid properties and their variation with temperature and pressure is also required for interpreting the subsurface model based on geophysical measurements on the surface.

The results of the analysis of rock and fluid properties will be integrated with the geological and hydrological models and geophysical investigation of deep structures already obtained within the project in order to create static reservoir models. This parameterized models will be used in static and dynamic numerical simulations of fluid flow, heat transport and phase behavior before and during geothermal exploitation. Laboratory tests will be performed in order to simulate enhanced approaches and monitor induced seismicity.

The main focus of the reservoir simulations lies on predicting of natural and enhanced flow rates, temperatures, and sustainability of the reservoir, all with input uncertainty propagated into predictions.