Date of publication Title Authors Typology Event/Journal doi
30/11/2018 Sensitivity of seismic properties to temperature variations in a geothermal reservoir Poletto, F., Farina, B., Carcione, J. M. Peer-reviewed article Geothermics
14/06/2018 Summary of progress - First period February-July 2017 Mexican consortium Project bulletin N/A N/A
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08/04/2018 The lithological control on the brittle-ductile transition in volcanic areas Parisio F., Vinciguerra S., Kolditz O. and Nagel T. Poster EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, 8th-13th April 2018 N/A
14/03/2018 Characterization of a fracture-controlled Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) in the Trans-Mexican-Volcanic-Belt (TMVB) Lepillier Baptiste, Bakker Richard, Bruhn David Poster European Geothermal PhD Day, Zurich (Switzerland) 2018 N/A
14/03/2018 The Las Minas exhumed geothermal system (Veracruz, Mexico): a proxy for Los Humeros geothermal field Emmanuel Olvera García Poster European Geothermal PhD Day, Zurich (Switzerland) 2018 N/A
12/02/2018 GEMex – A Mexican-European Research Cooperation on Development of Superhot and Engineered Geothermal Systems Egbert Jolie et al. Conference Proceedings 43rd Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford (California, USA) 2018 N/A
19/01/2018 Reappraisal of Los Humeros volcanic complex by new U/Th zircon and 40Ar/39Ar dating: Implications for greater geothermal potential. Gerardo Carrasco‐Núñez et al. Peer-reviewed article Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 10.1002/2017GC007044
11/09/2017 Utilizing supercritical geothermal systems: a review of past ventures and ongoing research activities Thomas Reinsch, Patrick Dobson, Hiroshi Asanuma, Ernst Huenges, Flavio Poletto, Bernard Sanjuan Peer-reviewed article Geothermal Energy 10.1186/s40517-017-0075-y
26/10/2017 Introduction and geochemical aspects of the GEMex project Montegrossi, G., Lelli, M. Presentation University of Miskolc (HUN) N/A
14-18/08/2017 New geological, structural and volcanological data of the Los Humeros Volcanic Complex: implications for reconstruction of the 3D model volcanic structure and geothermal exploration G. Groppelli, G. Carrasco, P. Dávila-Harris, R. De Franco, G. Norini, C. Pellicioli, C. Principe, R. Sulpizio Presentation IAVCEI Conference, Portland, USA N/A
24-28/04/2017 A multidisciplinary approach for the characterisation of fault zones in geothermal areas in central Mexico C. Comina , A.M. Ferrero, G. Mandrone, S. Vinciguerra, C. Colombero, F. Vagnon, J. Chicco Poster EGU - European Geosciences Union - General Assemble 2017 N/A