Date of publication Title Authors Typology Event/Journal doi
15/01/2019 The brittle ductile transition in active volcanoes Parisio, F., Vinciguerra S., Kolditz O., Nagel T. Peer-reviewed publication Scientific Reports 10.1038/s41598-018-36505-x
23/12/2018 Experimental characterization and numerical modelling of fracture processes in granite Parisio F., Tarokh A., Makhnennko R., Naumov D., Yuan-Miao X., Kolditz O., Nagel T. Peer-reviewed publication International Journal of Solids and Structures 10.1016/j.ijsolstr.2018.12.019
07/12/2018 Review of failure modes in supercritical geothermal drilling projects Michal Kruszewski and Volker Wittig Peer-reviewed publication Geothermal Energy 10.1186/s40517-018-0113-4
13/11/2018 Preliminary 3-D geological models of Los Humeros and Acoculco geothermal fields (Mexico) – H2020 GEMex Project Philippe Calcagno, Gwladys Evanno, Eugenio Trumpy, Luis Carlos Gutiérrez-Negrín, José Luis Macías, Gerardo Carrasco-Núñez, and Domenico Liotta Peer-reviewed publication Advances in Geosciences 10.5194/adgeo-45-321-2018
11/10/2018 Passive seismic monitoring of the Los Humeros (Mexico) geothermal field - Poster - Abstract Gaucher, E., Toledo, T., Calo, M., Figueroa Soto, A., Jousset, P. Poster European Geothermal Workshop, Strasbourg (France) N/A
11/09/2018 Outcrop analogue study to determine reservoir properties of the Los Humeros and Acoculco geothermal fields, Mexico Weydt, L. M., Bär, K., Colombero, C., Comina, C., Deb, P., Lepillier, B., Mandrone, G., Milsch, H., Rochelle, C. A., Vagnon, F., and Sass, I. Peer-reviewed article Advances in Geosciences
02/09/2018 Systematic soil gas studies for volcano-tectonic analyses of the Los Humeros Geothermal Field, Mexico - Poster Anna Jentsch, Egbert Jolie Poster Cities on Volcanoes 10, Napoli (Italy) N/A
27/07/2018 Passive body-wave interferometric imaging with directionally constrained migration Carlos Almagro Vidal , Joost van der Neut, Arie Verdel, Iris Eline Hartstra and Kees Wapenaar Peer-reviewed article Geophysical Journal International
22/07/2018 Sensitivity of seismic properties to temperature variations in a geothermal reservoir Poletto, F., Farina, B., Carcione, J. M. Peer-reviewed article Geothermics
14-15/06/2018 Public engagement for enhancing the development of geothermal energy D. Padovan, A. Sciullo, E. Annunziata, M.Contini, A. Manzella, F.D. Lopez, S.Karytsas Presentation Breaking the Rules! Energy Transitions as Social Innovations. Leibniz Institute Conference, Berlin N/A
14/06/2018 Summary of progress - First period February-July 2017 Mexican consortium Project bulletin N/A N/A
08/06/2018 The Acoculco Caldera Complex magmas: Genesis, evolution and relation with the Acoculco geothermal system G. Sosa-Ceballos, J.L. Macías, D.R. Avellán, N. Salazar-Hermenegildo, M.E. Boijseauneau-López, J.D. Pérez-Orozco Peer-reviewed article Journal of Voulcanology and Geothermal Resources 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2018.06.002
08/04/2018 The lithological control on the brittle-ductile transition in volcanic areas Parisio F., Vinciguerra S., Kolditz O. and Nagel T. Poster EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, 8th-13th April 2018 N/A
14/03/2018 Characterization of a fracture-controlled Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) in the Trans-Mexican-Volcanic-Belt (TMVB) Lepillier Baptiste, Bakker Richard, Bruhn David Poster European Geothermal PhD Day, Zurich (Switzerland) 2018 N/A
14/03/2018 The Las Minas exhumed geothermal system (Veracruz, Mexico): a proxy for Los Humeros geothermal field Emmanuel Olvera García Poster European Geothermal PhD Day, Zurich (Switzerland) 2018 N/A
12/02/2018 GEMex – A Mexican-European Research Cooperation on Development of Superhot and Engineered Geothermal Systems Egbert Jolie et al. Conference Proceedings 43rd Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford (California, USA) 2018 N/A
19/01/2018 Reappraisal of Los Humeros volcanic complex by new U/Th zircon and 40Ar/39Ar dating: Implications for greater geothermal potential. Gerardo Carrasco‐Núñez et al. Peer-reviewed article Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 10.1002/2017GC007044
11/09/2017 Utilizing supercritical geothermal systems: a review of past ventures and ongoing research activities Thomas Reinsch, Patrick Dobson, Hiroshi Asanuma, Ernst Huenges, Flavio Poletto, Bernard Sanjuan Peer-reviewed article Geothermal Energy 10.1186/s40517-017-0075-y
26/10/2017 Introduction and geochemical aspects of the GEMex project Montegrossi, G., Lelli, M. Presentation University of Miskolc (HUN) N/A
14-18/08/2017 New geological, structural and volcanological data of the Los Humeros Volcanic Complex: implications for reconstruction of the 3D model volcanic structure and geothermal exploration G. Groppelli, G. Carrasco, P. Dávila-Harris, R. De Franco, G. Norini, C. Pellicioli, C. Principe, R. Sulpizio Presentation IAVCEI Conference, Portland, USA N/A
24-28/04/2017 A multidisciplinary approach for the characterisation of fault zones in geothermal areas in central Mexico C. Comina , A.M. Ferrero, G. Mandrone, S. Vinciguerra, C. Colombero, F. Vagnon, J. Chicco Poster EGU - European Geosciences Union - General Assemble 2017 N/A